Megan Knepp

My name is Megan, I was born and raised in south Florida. My dad was a dairy farmer from southern Indiana and my moms family raised horses, so I guess you could say I got a double dose of passion for the outdoor life. I grew up fishing with my grandpa and remember I couldn’t wait until the day I was old enough to go bowhunting with dad. I was hooked from day one. After college sports I was able to spend more time hunting and that’s when I found my passion only grew. I would say my biggest hunting accomplishment would be achieving my single season turkey grand slam in 2018. From whitetails, to turkey, to pronghorn, waterfowl, hogs, big game or small game, I live for the pursuit of the chase. It’s so much more than executing a kill shot. It’s the hard work, preparation, fails, successes, friendships and camaraderie that I fall in love with over and over again.