Kristi Dalton

Kristi Dalton is a wife, mom of 5, outdoor enthusiast, hunter and angler who is passionate about whitetail hunting. She was born and raised in Pure Michigan.


“As a young girl, I developed a love for bass fishing and deer hunting in the Great Lake State. Family vacations typically involved a rustic camping adventure somewhere in Michigan and a lot of fishing and running the national forests with my brothers. We spent countless houses searching for deer tracks and scouting for animals. My childhood is the No. 1 contributor to my love of the outdoors.


My dad introduced me to bowhunting over 22 years ago. From the moment I shot my first arrow, I was addicted! It involved technique, it was quiet, close range and fast. I quickly developed an obsession for whitetails. I thoroughly enjoy the fair chase and challenges of hunting a mature whitetail. I feel in order to be a successful hunter it takes time planning, scouting, running trail cameras with the end goal of outsmarting the craftiest game animal I’ve harvested numerous Michigan bucks and turkeys with my bow. On occassion, I will hunt with a shotgun or muzzleloader however bowhunting is my passion. I hunt hard and nearly every day during the season. There is no room for error or laziness while hunting whitetails.


In addition to my love for hunting, I thoroughly enjoy bass fishing and hunting small game. I’m in the woods or on the water year round. It’s where I regain my sanity.


My husband Kraig (who I introduced to bowhunting) and I have been married for 18 years and have five wonderful children and three labrador retrievers. We live in a small rural community in the lower penninsula. Family is everything to us. Every day we strive to build memories with our children that will be passed down to their children–it it’s not in the woods, it’s on the water.


A balance of life and passion is important and achievable for all who set their mind to it. Hunt hard, dream big!