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Since 1866, the brand Winchester has been the definition of fine, quality, hard-working products. Without a doubt, Winchester is a legendary name with a distinctive history. Not only has Winchester made huge contributions to the shooting sports, but he also has made an incalculable contribution to the defense of freedom throughout the world. Winchester Repeating Arms is the original, historic name given the brand nearly 150 years ago in 1866 by Oliver Winchester himself. The Winchester brand is part of the greater Winchester family of products which include many products in the sporting goods and outdoor equipment industries: from outdoor gear to the finest sporting over and under.


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You won’t outlast us. You can’t outperform us. We’re 700+ American craftsmen making innovative, battle-proven optics for the world’s most resilient hunters and shooters. We’re relentless because you’re relentless. You don’t back down, and you don’t give in. You keep going when others stop. No matter where you take us, on the battlefield, in competition, or on the hunt, we guarantee a lifetime of performance first, and then back it up with a warranty you’ll never have to use.



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Since the conception of Tactacam in 2013, we have strived to provide hunters and outdoor sports enthusiasts with filming related products and hunting cameras. The best first-person hunting camera on the market today. Designed to share your hunt!! With a variety of lenses and attachments available the Tactacam is made to go anywhere you go. 1080 at 30fps, 2X zoom set to 720P at 60 fps. 100% waterproof to 100+ft. With Tactacam you’ll never miss that moment again!


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Hillbilly Iced Teas

Hillbilly Brand’s entire mission is to give people who enjoy the country lifestyle a way to express themselves. Hillbilly was born country and raised outdoors. Born out of the back of a truck for people who enjoy the country lifestyle, Hillbilly Iced Teas and Bourbons have grown into a major retail brand. Everybody has a little Hillbilly in them … find yours.


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Buck Knives

Buck Knives’ roots are in the outdoors and this is where they remain. Buck Knives has always made our knives for the people who believe that the difference between a knife working and failing actually has serious consequences. Buck Knives’ motivation is simple: make a product that does the job it’s supposed to do, make it last so we can guarantee it for life, and try to make everything we do better every year. Behind every Buck knife is over 110 years of experience and craftsmanship. They use the very best materials and state-of-the-art technology to create knives that meet the exacting demands you would expect of a high-quality knife. They also guarantee their knives with our Forever Warranty, because we believe in the integrity of our products.

At Buck, you’ll always find a wide range of knives to choose from. Each knife we bring to market has been thoughtfully designed and engineered. Blending the right properties into stainless steel will ensure that your knife has the right hardness and strength. Heat-treating or tempering the blade helps the knife hold its edge longer and makes it easier for you to re-sharpen the blade. It’s the heart and soul of the blade and no one heat treats the way we do. In addition to the large selection of knives available, Buck Knives’ Custom Knife Shop, allows customers to customize a variety of knives, in order to meet their exact needs. Whether you are purchasing a knife designed and engineered by Buck or creating a masterpiece of your own, one thing is certain–behind every Buck knife is a memory.


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Mossy Oak

It’s not a passion, it’s an obsession. Every day at Mossy Oak, we live and breathe the outdoors — from hunting and conservation to stewardship and legacy efforts. Since 1986, that obsession has formed the proud, rock-solid foundation of Mossy Oak. What started as a fistful of dirt has grown to become one of the strongest, most effective and most-recognized camouflage brands in the world.

Today, our consumers are ultra-loyal to our brand because we deliver uncompromising quality, and share a unique bond driven by the heritage of hunting and our love for the great outdoors.

In 1986, Mossy Oak founder and CEO Toxey Haas had the vision to take a handful of Mississippi dirt, sticks, and leaves and transform it into a brand new type of camouflage. Comprised entirely of natural earth elements and colors, the resulting design was unlike any pattern that had ever come before it and gave hunters the power to obliterate their outline while effortlessly blending into the environment. Soon, our first industry-revolutionizing pattern, Mossy Oak Bottomland®, was born, and the distinguished Mossy Oak legacy had begun.

In the more than three decades since advances in design technology including the incorporation of photorealistic 3D elements into our patterns have enabled us to fine-tune and perfect the art of hunting concealment. Highly effective and innovative patterns like Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country®, Obsession®, Shadow Grass Blades®, Mountain Country® , Mossy Oak® Elements® Agua and the new Overwatch™  all utilize Mossy Oak’s industry-leading concealment technologies. Every company has its own story. Where it began. How it started. How it grew. Here at Mossy Oak, we are blessed that the story of our beginnings continues to be our story every day. 

 What started Mossy Oak was a deep and abiding passion to connect with the outdoors. Over the past 30-plus years, that passion has grown into an obsession to make more and more connections with wild critters and wild places and to help other people live their best lives outdoors. The Mossy Oak of today is so much broader than Mossy Oak of 1986, but the seed for what we are was planted back then and continues to grow every year. Today, the Mossy Oak enterprise extends across nearly all aspects of the outdoors lifestyle. Our goal is to help people connect with the outdoors in as many ways as we possibly can. To think of Mossy Oak as merely a camouflage brand is to miss the true identity of who we are.  We are proud that our camo patterns continue to be voted America’s number one camouflage patterns, but they are merely representations of what the Mossy Oak brand means.


Many things separate the Mossy Oak brand from other brands in the outdoors space, chief among those separations is our corporate-wide commitment to conservation and to organizations that are advocates for hunters. As the official camouflage partner of DU, NWTF, QDMA, NRA, and B.A.S.S., we donate millions in support of conservation initiatives and hunter advocacy in every state. And we will continue to support these organizations as long as our company exists. For us, caring for our resources and extending the opportunities for people to experience the outdoors is fundamental to who we are. Our brand resonates across a multitude of platforms all connected by the common thread of true love for the outdoors lifestyle.


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Outdoor Revolution Magazine

American Hunting Revolution, Inc., a magazine & clothing brand, is the owner of American Outdoor Revolution Magazine and several other magazines, such as American Wildfowl Revolution, Rifles & Racks Revolution, Gun Dog Revolution, American Whitetail Revolution (2020 release), American Waterfowl Revolution, I Heartland Horses, Farm Girl Faith, All-American Hunting Revolution clothing brands and designs. AHR is located an hour and a half northeast of Kansas City, Missouri in a small outdoor, hunting, fishing and farming community. American Hunting Revolution is a family-owned and operated business that is run on faith and family values. American Hunting Revolution magazine’s main objective is bringing their readers stories from everyday people that live the outdoor, hunting and fishing lifestyle. They fully support youth outdoors and youth hunters, as well as, active Military and our Veterans.


Extreme Instinct Knives

Legendary hunter and survivalist Matt Wright and his wife, Brooke Benham-Wright, co-own perhaps the industry’s best custom knife company, Extreme Instinct.

Matt founded Extreme Instinct from the ground up in 2005. After multiple commercially made knives failed to perform for him, Matt decided to take things into his own hands. He and Brooke now make knives and gear guaranteed to meet any demand and come out shining. As a veteran of the U.S. military, Matt’s training provided him with an ingrained understanding of the importance in gear you can trust. The only way to continue to innovate and improve gear is to test it to the max. At Extreme Instinct, they do just that.

Whether guiding hunters or teaching survival, Extreme Instinct pushes its gear to the limits. Matt and Brooke regularly push their gear and themselves to the limits. Matt is a four-time veteran of Discovery Channel’s top-rated “Naked & Afraid” show and Brooke recently passed the 21-day test on the show this season. Most recently, Matt was sent out on Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid 40 Day XL 4 challenge in Africa, completely solo. Prior to this epic adventure, he was in the Amazon jungle on Naked and Afraid XL 3 and also spent 21 days in the Thailand jungle. Brooke is also an accomplished survivalist, hunter, bow-fisher, mountaineer and competitor in the World Championship Pack Burro racing series with her beloved burro, Farnsworth. She’s also a certified 2nd-degree black belt in Taekwondo and enjoys helping others with confidence and empowerment. She’s proudly sponsored by Paramount Outdoors as a member of the Engineered Hunting Gear Pro Staff. Her desire and an insatiable appetite for the wild has led to much success in all her endeavors.  Together, they’ve made Extreme Instinct into an industry powerhouse.


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Thorogood USA

Professional Partners

Bone Collector

“Bone Collector” is one of the Outdoor Channel’s most popular programs. Since premiering in 2009, the series has collected millions of fans by focusing on the culture of the hunter and not exclusively on the kill. According to host Michael Waddell, a hunter is more than a predator; a hunter is a provider, a caretaker, and a leader, and this show aims to promote that philosophy at every turn. Waddell is joined by co-hosts Nick Mundt and Travis “T-Bone” Turner for “warts and all” adventures that take them from Africa to Alaska, and the hunts are geared toward a variety of implements, including bow, muzzleloader, shotgun, and rifle. In 2008, Waddell made the decision to fulfill a dream and start Bone Collector, a company dedicated to standing up for the hunting culture. “Bone Collector was an idea I had been thinking about for a long time,” said Waddell. “I knew I was ready to take a stand for the hunting community in a way that I had never done before. We have a team of people that believe in the hunting culture and are doing things to improve it. And I’m proud of that.” Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector, featuring Michael Waddell, Nick Mundt, and Travis Turner, is one of the top-rated shows on the Outdoor Channel and the Bone Collector brand, through website properties, licensing, and key partnerships, is one of the most recognizable brands in the industry today. Hosts Michael Waddell, Nick Mundt, and Travis “T-Bone” Turner take the Outdoor Channel viewer across the globe in the enthralling, always entertaining “warts and all” style that Outdoor Channel viewers have come to know and love. Michael Waddell is arguably the outdoor industry’s most popular personality. Bone Collector has the on-screen chemistry to take outdoor television to the next level.

Major League Bowhunters


Chipper Jones


Chipper Jones, Atlanta Braves All-Star third baseman, is one of the most recognizable and respected names in Major League Baseball. His numerous records, awards, and statistics spanning over 15 years have assured his place in Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame. Not only has his fame and popularity for his accomplishments on the baseball diamond brought him many awards and accolades, but his passion for hunting and love for the outdoors is fast becoming more embedded into America’s perspective when one hears the name “Chipper Jones”. As co-owner of Major League Bowhunter, Chipper also works alongside his good friend Duff as a host of the show, sharing his knowledge and experience as an accomplished bowhunter. His enthusiasm in the outdoors comes across not only on camera but in the inner workings of the day to day business of the company. Chipper has six sons, Matthew, Trey, Tristen, Shea, Cutler, Cooper, and a step-son, Bryson, with his wife, Taylor.


Matt Duff


Matt Duff is a former Major League Baseball pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. He grew up in Alligator, Mississippi, along the banks of the Mississippi River. Matt grew up hunting deer, ducks and turkeys with his father, who Matt credits for making him into the avid outdoorsman he is today. Matt particularly took a liking to bow hunting at an early age and now that the sun has set on his 13-year Professional Baseball career, Matt has taken his passion for bow hunting into the hunting industry as a business owner and outdoor TV personality. As an owner and co-host of Major League Bowhunter, Matt spends time working on business aspects for the company as well as time in the field chasing big whitetails.


Headhunters TV



Hometown: Poplar Bluff, MO

Randy Birdsong had a dream at an early age of hopefully securing a career in the outdoor industry. Determined to fulfill this dream he bought his 1st video camera at 16 and started filming as much as possible. Lucky enough he got a chance at his dream when he began hunting and filming for Don and Kandi Kisky on Whitetail Freaks which is also on The Outdoor Channel. After finishing a degree in Finance at Southern Illinois University Randy was faced with the choice of either continuing in the Outdoor Industry and try to make a full-time career of it or give up the dream and start an office job in finance. He rolled the dice and came up with the concept of HeadHunters TV a show designed to give an inside look at what it takes to produce an Outdoor television series. With the help of Nate Hosie, Stephen Phillips, and Jon Skidmore the team was assembled.

Bow-Mathews No Cam 28.5/70

Arrow-Easton Hexx

Broadhead-Muzzy Trocar 100

Release-Tru-Fire Chicken Wing

Bow Accessories- TruGlo

Pack-Game Plan Gear Full Rut


Scent-Wildlife Research Center Special Golden Estrus

Gun-Beretta A400 Xtreme

Camo-Realtree Xtra

Clothing-Scent-Lok HeadHunter Suit



Hometown: Montdale, PA

Nate Hosie was born and raised in the mountains of Pennsylvania in the town of Montdale. At six, Nate‘s father and grandfather began taking him on pheasant hunts and it didn’t take them long to realize they had created a monster. As years passed his passion and knowledge for hunting grew. He began to hunt with two neighbors, country certified experts on hunting turkeys, deer, grouse and anything else that moved. Nate took an overwhelming interest in turkey hunting and took his calling and hunting tactics to the next level. Practicing yelping on a daily basis, he won several calling contests, earning the nickname “The Turkey Slayer”. After a few years with Top Calls, a legendary call company, he began doing production and field staffing for Hunters Specialties, meeting Randy Birdsong. Nate jumped at the opportunity to be a part of HeadHunters TV and is excited to show the viewers that there still are people in this world who appreciate memories made in God’s country.

Bow-Mathews No Cam 29/70


Broadhead-Muzzy Trocar 100

Release-Tru-Fire Chicken Wing

Bow Accessories- TruGlo

Pack-Game Plan Gear Full Rut


Scent-Wildlife Research Center Special Golden Estrus

Gun-Beretta A400 Xtreme

Camo-Realtree Xtra