Engineered Hunting Gear™

Engineered Hunting Gear™ is designed by hunters for hunters. This means you can expect our assortment of gear, headwear and accessories to relentlessly over-perform for you in the field.

Every hunter has a unique approach to their craft. Some choose to stalk large game in mountainous terrain, while others would rather still-hunt turkeys. Whether you’re hunting elusive whitetails, or chasing pheasants in the prairies, our gear is designed to optimize your entire experience. 

Our headwear and accessories meld highly effective camo patterns with cutting-edge performance. Stay comfortable in extreme conditions with moisture-wicking technology, blend into your surroundings in our highly effective camo patterns, and prevent body odor build-up with our Scent-Slayer fabric. 

So wherever your hunt takes you, our gear provides tactical solutions for those who don’t believe in limits. EHG™. There Is No Offseason When You’re Always Outside.

Engineered Angling Gear™

Paramount Outdoors’ performance fishing apparel & Engineered Angling Gear™ is distinctly designed to fuel your passion for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Whether you’re wading through rivers for trout, plying freshwater lakes for bass, navigating coastal flats for tarpon or deep sea fishing for tunaParamount Outdoors’ EAG™ line is engineered to enhance your angling experience. Cutting-edge technology combined with sleek yet relaxed style, makes EAG™ top gear choice for anglers across the globe.

EAG™ is designed and engineered for anglers who demand more from their equipment. Our gear weaves true performance into every piece of apparel, headwear and in each accessory. We’re licensed to design and develop our gear using four major patterns from renowned fishing camo companies including Realtree Fishing, Mossy Oak Elements, True Timber Fishing and Veil Fishing. EAG’s technical fishing line of performance gear is empowered to drive your passion in the water and in everyday life.

  • SPF 50 UV sun & element protection
  • Engineered wicking & moisture transport for breathability
  • Movement enhancement by threading spandex & lycra into each piece